Monday, August 9, 2010

Potty Training Tantrum

The girls have been potty trained for a while now when it comes to peeing. They VERY rarely have an accident and wear panties all the time. But they will not poop. I have bribed them with everything I can think of, (ie- they saw Toy Story and we promised them a big Woody doll if they pooped in the potty). Now all we hear is Hannah say to random people - "If I go poopoo in the potty I get a big Woody!", terrible as it sounds, and at which point I must explain that she is referring to Toy Story.

Anyway we have gone to pullups for naps, so she no longer gets her mid day poop in. (yes I am talking with a lot of potty words, oh well). She fights it but does not go in her pull up which is a step forward. But she has started complaining of a tummy ache after nap.

So the other night Hannah was telling me her tummy hurt. It was about 5:30 so it was nowhere near time for her bedtime diaper yet which she waits on. I told her she would have to go poopoo in the potty and then pulled both little frog potties out of the bathroom and offered to put them where she wanted.

She was not going to have it! Hannah erupted in a full blown tantrum demanding her diaper so she could poop. She kept going and getting one and bring it to me, and then would lay down in front of me so I could put it on. I took the ones she brought and went and got the packs we had and told her I was going to throw them all away. This made the tantrum worse and it was the end of the world kind of situation. I hid the diapers in the bathtub. I put her in her room since she was in hysterics on the floor.

She quieted down for a minute and I went in to try to talk to her. She was attempting to put the diaper on (from her secret stash?) over her shorts. I took that away and she started thrashing. I places her little frog potty in her room, told her if she needed to use the bathroom it was right there, and left her in the room to scream it out.

As I walked back to the kitchen I heard the door to her room open, a crashing sound in the hall, and then the door slam again (amidst her screaming for the diaper still). She had chunked her potty down the hall!! I went in with sad spoon and had to spank her for that, returned the potty to the room, and walked out again. And then she chunked the potty out of the room again! This time the frog first, and then the bowl. nice.

I of course had to return with sad spoon and the potty.

I am not sure how, but she eventually calmed down in there. She never gave in of course - that would be too easy. But she did come out and had dinner. I found the potty in her room 2 days later stuffed behind their big rocking chair.

I would like to note that we have bribed, coaxed, and threatened. I sat down on the potty with her. I have tried book, colors, and games on my phone. She will not even try. I have asked her why she doesnt want to, and she said she was scared, yet she pees just fine so I am not sure what to take of that.

I think I will buy those big Woody dolls and wrap them up nice and put them in the bathroom in hopes it may intrigue them enough to go...

Leah just tells me "diapers are for babies. I will poopoo on the potty later..."

CHant- THey will not go to kindergarten in diapers...

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Lauren Morse said...

Hilarious! Carter is A LOT like Hannah. The only way we got Carter potty trained was to stop using diapers all together. He didn't like it at first, but once he knew we were serious about only wearing underwear (or nothing at all if he took the undies off) he started using the potty. He was fully potty trained in two days (during the day) and had sleeping without a diaper down within two weeks. Up until we got rid of the diapers, Carter had not ever used the potty- not once! He was always smart enough to wait for the diaper and then go. But, he doesn't like messes, so having an accident in his undies or on the floor was unacceptable for him. For children with strong personalities, I think "cold turkey" is the best way! Good luck!!