Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big changes

This summer our wonderful 17 year old neighbor, cassidy, kept the girls again like she did last year. And it has been planned (again) that the girls would start daycare when "Cassy" went back to school. I was actually ok with this more than the other 10 times they almost started. The girls are almost 3 and we have been lucky to have been able to have a nanny this long. Something always seemed to work out right before they were to start and I would delay it once more.

While I was ok with them starting, I wasn't thrilled with it taking almost half my paycheck every month and so I'm working full time so we can afford daycare. It's frustrating as i know many of you know. I would stay home with them full time If I could but we just aren't quite there ( I had always been career driven til I had them!!)

Matt had been looking for a new job for a little bit and starts Monday with a company out of Ohio. Best thing is he gets to work from home! He got a good raise and a lot more family time. We are thrilled.

So I started thinking that I could really cut back my hours. Within a week I had interviewed and accepted another job - at Princeton hospital (not my familiar uab) BACK in the operating room. I'll only work 2 days a week as a flexi nurse til 2pm with a little call time involved. But I'll be on their heart surgery team so at least I'm familiar (I've done the worst of the worst cases- so I hope this is easy in comparison).

This all happened A week before the girls were to start daycare. I started looking for a mothers day out/ preschool and got them in one day a week. I'll get another day soon I hope. A friend is watching the girls the second day for now. This scenario would not have worked had matt not gotten a work from home job because now he can take and pick up. I'll be home before naps!

I have been wanting to be with my girls more during the week so much, and this will provide that. It's awful to have my babies beg me to stay home and snuggle when I have to go to work.

I had a perfect full time job but I am choosing time with family. I have 3 more years with them until they start school (late birthdays) and I am going to soak this time in. God has answered so many of our prayers and I am trusting Him to be with us through these new changes. We are definitely excited!!!

Now I have to call that daycare...again... And tell them nevermind...again. They've had my deposit since I was 18 weeks pregnant!!


Amy said...

Wow, I'm so happy for you! And, jealous too! My husband's been looking for a new job for a while now...eventually we're hoping he'll find something higher paying! Nursing seems like such a good profession for moms. I'm an engineer and there are just no such thing as part time positions- it sucks!! Really, this is awesome for you and the girls, congrats!!!

Melissa said...

So excited for you guys with this new journey.