Monday, August 9, 2010

Cookie tantrum

My little Hannah is a sweetheart. She is loving, and motherly, and would do anything for you. But she is stubborn as is her sister. Matt and I always say we combined the Sizemore and McCay stubbornness to make this super stubborn force. That is Hannah.

At dinner last night my sister was trying to get Hannah to say the word "cookie". "Too-ie" is how Hannah says it. Thanks LaLa for bringing up cookies while eating dinner.

Hannah of course asked for a cookie and I told her we didnt have any. "Yes we do!!" she cried, and ran to the dining room where I had forgotten we had some Buds Best Cookies individual bags. Their favorite is the Caco (oreo) so that they can lick the cream out and leave the cookies. We only had one bag. Hannah brought the little blue bag into the kitchen and promised to wait until after dinner. So Leah went to get hers and was upset to find we only had the butterfinger kind left. (Gasp!). Hannah grabbed the Cacos and took off running, with Leah in pursuit. When Hannah thought she had successfully hidden them, she came back to the table. Leah soon returned with Hannahs bag she got out of its hiding place.

And then came the tantrum. I told the girls they could share them after they ate. That was not good enough. Hannah went in desperate search for another bag and came up short. She was screaming something about not wanting the other cookies, and runs in the kitchen with a bag of the butterfingers and threw them dramatically in the trash. Away she went for more of those non creamed cookies and proceeded to throw those away as well.

Now I had been letting this go on out of slight amusement and seeing how the girls would work it out. They didnt. So I told Hannah "Dont throw away those cookies! They have candy in them!"

Leah said "I want candy cookies!" and walked over to Hannah and shoved the Caco bag in Hannahs hand, rescuing a butterfinger bag from Hannah in return.

And all was well.

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