Saturday, November 3, 2007

A trip to "Christmas Village"

Last year I went to Christmas Village at the BJCC and vowed that whenever I had kids I would have to go back. They have some of the cutest things (especially for little girls). Well now I have my little girls and I really wanted to go again, but I was kind of thinking it would be later in the year.

It apparently ends this weekend so Thursday night I asked my sister if she wanted to venture out with me on Friday to go to the BJCC with the girls. We came up with the brilliant idea that we would carry them in the Baby Bjorns (infant carriers that you strap around your back so they are nestled up to your chest with their legs and arms hanging out - wonderful contraption. We figured that if they were not together in the stroller and we did not match them, people would be thrown off and not know we had twins. We could in fact just be two friends who happened to have babies at the same time.

So we awoke and fed the girls, then Laura and I both got showers, packed the diaper bag, bathed and dressed the girls, and after another feeding we were on our way (3 hours later). Hannah and Leah are great in the car (so far) so it was a peaceful trip downtown. After strapping them in the Baby Bjorns and again changing them, we walked our way to the arena. It started on the stairs outside. A lady asked if we had twins and ogled over them. Ok she figured it out but we werent in a crowd. 5 minutes later we were finally at the ticket window. I tried my best to give the lady my card, but we got a gambet of questions yet again. After about 10 minutes she took my card and gave me the tickets.

It was funny at first, and I didnt mind showing off my beautiful babies (just dont touch!). Laura and I got stopped a few more times in the next few minutes after getting inside and we thought we would count how many people said something. There is no way we could have kept up! I would say that we had about 150 people (not exaggerating) come up to us and always asked these questions - after saying they looked like baby dolls: How old are they? How much do they weigh? How much did they weigh at birth? Are they girls or boys? (hello - they were both wearing bright pink), Who was the mom? Occasionally we got asked how old we were, and also we sometimes had to hear the whole family history related to twins of whomever was asking us the questions. Apparently everyone always wanted twins and had X number of sets in their families but never got any (you get the drift).

What was worse was I would say out of the 150 people, about 50 of them didnt think they were real babies! So they would come up to us and touch their hands (cue baby wipes) and then tell us they thought the babies were dolls and we were high school students who were in some home ec class and carrying around those fake babies that seem real. SERIOUSLY? I know I look young but who would do that at christmas village and I had a 50lb diaper bag I was carrying as well! We had one lady approach us and say that she had been discussing with her daughter whether the girls were real or not, and swore the next time we passed she was going to ask us.

I really didnt mind so much but it does get a little tiring telling everyone the same thing. And also, we just wanted to enjoy the shopping. If one person talks to us for 5 minutes, does that person think he/she is the only one who has done so? I think w could have been done in about half the time! :)

So our brilliant planned to throw people off the twin trail did not quite work. But I have to say that I was told that going out with twins was a spectacle but I never EVER thought it would be that big of a deal. On another note though, the girls racked up with all kinds of cute things (most that I could do myself but now no longer have time). They slept the whole day in their little carrier. We only had one outfit change after lunch and no screaming fits. A success! Laura and I could barely walk afterward though and all 4 of us slept rather well last night!

I enjoyed getting out!!! And now I feel like I can do almost anything! :)