Monday, September 24, 2007

Round 2

Well apparently we like going to the hospital on Sunday. After the Alabama game, and I blame Georgia, Allyson's contractions picked up to about 12 a hour. So we called the doctor as instructed he told her to double up her meds and give it a while and call him back.

That seemed to work, so she went to bed, only to wake up about six the next morning with contractions up and the return of the abdominal pain she was having two weeks ago. So she did the regement, got a shower, took her meds, drank some water and continued to monitor.

The pain and contractions did not go away, so we called as instructed again. Based on the night before he went ahead and called her in.

Basically he is in a weird spot, because she is not dilating yet, but is basically contracting anywhere from 6-12 times an hour, with the medication. So he is going to try to put her on a drip that will give her the medication a little bit at a time constantly. We will see, but i would guess anywhere in the next 5-10 days is fair game. I must say that this is no longer fun (if it ever was), but the selfish part in you just wants them to come instead of these in and out of the hospital weekends. We know though, that every day counts, so we will take every day we can get.

Thank all of you again for your prayers and we will post any further updates.