Monday, September 10, 2007

And then came bed rest...

Well we made it to 32 weeks, not bad. Yesterday, Allyson went into pre-term labor having anywhere from 24-30 contractions an hour. They hoped to slow it down with a simple shot and IV fluids, but the girls would not have that weak stuff. So they basically did an all out attack with pain killer for Allyson, mag wash to slow the contractions and steroids for the girls lungs. The girls are doing great, heart beats are strong, hopefully they will measure them today, so we will know a little more.

The doctor came in this morning to inform Allyson "You are done." And will be on bed rest till her next appointment where they will reevaluate.

Keep us and the girls in your prayers. We would definitely like a couple more weeks.

I will keep you posted if anything changes, and who knows Allyson might even write an entry since she will be stuck in bed.