Friday, June 29, 2007

They are moving like crazy!

Ok, Matt has been very good about writing his blog, and I must admit that most of the time I just read his and think "sounds good to me!" He pretty much covers it all. But since he does get on to me about my not blogging well enough, I thought I would add my thoughts on the last 2 weeks. I have to say that the girls are definitely growing. I am getting much bigger and slightly more uncomfortable, but mostly I have to say they are getting very strong! It is awesome that within 2 short weeks I went from feeling them move inside to feeling them move with my hands laying on my belly. They kick/punch everywhere and it is just the most amazing feeling. If I happen to catch the right moment I can see my stomach move when they do. They are active all the time. They kick low next to my bladder and I feel them the next second near my ribs. They are about a pound each (according to so I guess I understand why I feel them so well now. I am looking forward to seeing their little feet or hands through my belly. Every little milestone like this makes it that much more real that there are in fact two little babies growing inside me, and in a few short months they will be here. So, so far everything seems to be going well. Our next appointment is on monday!