Sunday, June 10, 2007

I now understand...

My parents would sometimes make the comment, "You will understand one day when you have kids of your own." More than ever I am starting to understand that, and we are four months away from being able to hold our little girls. The reason I say all this is I was waiting in the doctors office to be called in to see the ultrasound and saw this poster on the board.

Impactful Poster at the Doctors Office

Now, I have always believed based on my faith and in my personal opinion of simple right and wrong that abortion is murder, plain and simple, but now that I have seen the video of my two girls kicking, moving their fingers and stretching out I truly understand now more than ever. And maybe if you are on the fence about this issue, you should watch the video in the post below or think about the poster above.

All I know is that I thank God everyday that he has blessed Allyson and me with two wonderful girls and we cannot wait to see them in four months.