Thursday, June 28, 2007

Am I too much of a kid to be a dad?

Allyson and I are taking our "Baby"moon at Orange Beach, where Allyson's boss was very generous and let us stay at their place at Caribe Resort. My friend Ben and his wife also came down with us. Caribe Resort has some pretty cool water slides that Ben and I could not help but ride over and over, even trying things like riding face down and face down on a float, even to the point of injury. It was like we were 12 year olds again, running up in down the slide with kids a third our age. Oh well that is what vacation is for there were other Dad's older than Ben and I riding the ride...sure they were riding with kids but who is keeping count :).

Riding the Big Slide
from matthewmccay

The Slides at Caribe
from matthewmccay