Sunday, February 19, 2012



The big day finally arrived! We went to see Wicked. The girls got new dresses and were so excited that we were able to use it as a threat for bedtime the entire week leading up to it. (everyone does it- "if you don't stop talking and go to sleep we will not .... Fill in the blank). I love when I have leverage like that.

Anyway I have to admit we were a bit worried about Hannah since her attention span is limited compared to her sister, but they were both excellent. They did kick the chair in front of them a bit but other than that they sat back and enjoyed their popcorn and watched the show. And asked a million questions. Leah was real hung up on the love triangles. Hannah was more worried about the clock tower dragon. If you have never seen the show, go see it.

After it ended and we were back in the car, Leah continued her onslaught of wicked related questions. "why didn't fiyero love glenda? Why didn't bok love Nessa? Why did Nessa turn bok into a tin man?" 

Hannah finally said "you have seen it now! You should know everything!" I was quite amazed at how much of the storyline they did fully understand,but then we had been listening to the CD NONSTOP since for 5 months.

They are my girls. Already loving Broadway.

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