Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Noah's birth story - labor

So at 38 weeks exactly I was at the hospital ready to meet my Little Man, and ready to get my darn epidural. Because I had been so sick, they had to wait until I had some fluids in me so they just kept telling me to remember to breathe. I have to say, I commend anyone who goes drug free because that was awful. I did not have pain like that with my twins, and frankly it hasn't been long enough for me to forget it yet.

I think it was a good 2 hours (maybe 20?) before I got my epidural, and I was already at 7cm. That's when my sister got there. She wanted to be there during the birth this time. I did get the shakes again but also got zofran so I was feeling much better. My water broke on it's own and it is silly but I was really excited that it was another thing I got to experience without intervention. And then it made me question our IQ because we had not even thought to put towels in the brand spanking new car on the way to the hospital. Lucky us.

I figured I would progress faster now. The girls, matt's parents, and my parents all came to see me. Unfortunately I stalled out a bit at that point so everyone just waited around forever.
I got to a 9 and then didn't go any further. They started me on a pitocin drip to get me to the final stage. He was still positioned high, but my awesome doctor finally gave me the go ahead to start pushing for the nurses.

I pushed once and Noahs heart rate dropped to the 50s. The nurses got worried yet tried to act nonchalant. I'm a nurse. I'm not dumb. I knew what was going on, but didn't say anything.
Dr. Ross came in and took over. I pushed again and his rate dropped again. The cord was definitely wrapped around his neck. Dr. Ross stayed calm though and said he wasn't thinking of a section yet. I just wanted my baby out safely.

His heart rate did continue to drop but would immediately come back up. At 5:47pm he was finally born, weighing 8lbs 9oz and was 21 inches long. Big boy! Untitled

And unlike the Girls, I got to hold my baby immediately! It was nice not having a premie. Untitled

And daddy and the girls got to hold him when we finally got up to our room :)Untitled



Our first picture as a family of 5 Untitled

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