Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disneyworld May 2012

Knowing we would have 6 kids in the house once Noah was born, I convinced Matt to take me, the girls, and Noah to Disney world to recharge.  When we booked the trip I thought I was going back to work in June, so we made it for the last week in May.  And lucky for the trip Noah came a whole 2 weeks early.  So we drove to Orlando.  I think it took about 15 hours to get there between stops to feed him or change him, or get snacks for the girls.

We surprised the girls with this trip.  They did not know where we were going until we got there.  We didnt tell them until we were going under the "big Mickey sign".  But our hopes of a huge reaction was totally deflated.  They didnt believe we were there and thought we then had to drive another 8 hours to get there.  I guess next time if we surprise them it will be revealed when the castle is in sight.

Still it was a fabulous trip.  Noah was the easiest child.  I just wore him the whole time in a baby carrier and fed him whenever we ate.   We were a bit of a spectacle taking a 5 week old to Disney, but I think he was easier than he will be in the next 5 years of trips.

We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge which was really nice.  The girls got to watch giraffes and zebras out the window to the room.  We thought we would be taking it easy this trip, but that did not really happen.  Since Noah was fine going along for the ride, we visited every park, kept late hours, and had a blast.  We did all sleep in though!

Our view from our window

It did rain a lot.  It cooled things down which was great but many days I had a poncho over Noah in the baby carrier.  He didnt seem to mind much.  Many times it helped with the lines too.  And most nights the rain was gone.  Overall it worked out fine.

The highlight of this trip was a visit with the princesses.  We have done this numerous times.  We went through the fast pass and were the last ones in the group.  The standby line was almost an hour.  The girls went through each princess and when there was no one else in the room but us, Aurora asked to talk to Leah again.  Leah looped back around.  At which point Aurora, Ariel, and Cinderella were talking to the girls together.  Leah kept talking about the trip in October that we were going to take for their birthday and they would have a birthday party with them all.  The princesses took a good 15 minutes with Hannah and Leah, dancing with them and planning a party.  It was a wonderful moment and the girls were in heaven.  I have no idea why they took so much time with our girls but it made them feel very special.

Hannah told Ariel her hair was crazy.  Ariel told Hannah that her hair was also in need of a dinglehopper, and turned to the camera man and asked him to get one for herself asap.  I cracked up.

Practicing some ballet

Group Hug.  Leah is in there somewhere.

The girls personal Heaven.  Can you tell we went to the Polynesian resort for dinner?  Leah loved her lei.

This was a wonderful trip and a much needed time of rest for us. It was our first time as a family of five and I am so glad we did this trip.

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