Monday, October 10, 2011

The girls turn 4!

We had a big birthday party this year at Pump It Up, and it was extra special because one of our foster children, the youngest, turned 5 a few days before the girls turned 4. It was really nice not having the party at the house, even if it was more expensive. They all had a blast. I cant believe my babies are 4 years old.
This is the best group picture I could get. Ha

And it doesnt help that I kind of dropped my camera and it was acting a little unpredictable.

Each little girl wanted a different princess on their cake. I was too tired to do 3 cakes obviously, so I opted for a castle cake and put all the princesses around it. My cakes arent turning out as well as I would like since I got pregnant because my hands hurt, but they were thrilled.

Even Daddy had fun!


So its official. They arent babies anymore.

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