Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A sick little Leah

All I can say is I cannot imagine having to go through what some parents must go through with very sick kids. Leah has a little virus that is causing her a lot of pain. It's called the coxsackie virus - or hand foot mouth disease. It's spread kind of like mono and causes bad ulcers all in the mouth, gums, and down her throat along with a never-ending fever. It's very painful and she has been pitiful. She hasn't eaten more than a few bites of anything soft for 5 days. Her doc gave her some lortab to help her sleep but it didn't help too much last night. But this mommy is such a sucker and Leah has been enjoying milkshakes, Popsicles, applesauce, ice-cream, jello, pudding, and a new play doh toy for fun. Oh- and her medicines are hidden in coke. I did buy caffeine free diet coke so maybe thats better. She hasn't eaten much of it but Hannah has liked having it around! It's hard to see my baby so sick but we have had some good snuggle time.

Fast asleep in mommys bed

Many choices of "squishy food" as she calls it

Hannah likes squishy food too!!

The girls have been sharing Popsicles so we are waiting for Hannah to start with the fever. It's been quite a week!

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