Friday, July 16, 2010

Hand Foot Mouth

Leah is finally all better after this little virus hit our household, and I am happy to say that no one else got it. (I think we are in the clear now). She had horrible blisters all down her throat and in her mouth and did not eat hardly anything for a week. her little voice is still very pitiful but she ate a ton once she felt better. Her Aunt Lala gave her some cheerios and had to wait about an hour for them to soak and get really soft so Leah would eat them. Then Leah told us "we got to wait and make it reeaaaalll soft so it wont hurt my mouth" about everything she ate. She inhaled 4 bowls of those cheerios
I am including some gross pictures for those parents who have children who may get this. And here are some hints. Mylanta makes a good little popsicle and helps the blisters - but I just let Leah lick a little bit of it since I didnt really want to give her a full dose. I put some Benadryl in there too. A little popsicle cocktail if you will. And Loratab flavor is disgusting, but a coke will hide it. I dont like giving my child coke, but it got the med down. We struggled with those things.


I know thats gross but it really was pitiful - and that was all down her throat.

We are all better now and I am so thankful.

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