Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Quirks

At this age the girls crack me up constantly. It always amazes me what they have picked up and then start repeating. I wish I could get everything on video so I always remember it but since I find most everything amusing that seems a little ambitious. So this is some of the things they say/do,

ThankYou/Welcome! - Leah says this if she is giving or taking something from you. Sometimes she just says "welcome" when forcing you to take something from her.

Buzz gone - my poor Hannah has been traumatized by our Rhoomba or little robitic vacuum (named buzz). I ran him one day in the dining room while they were eating in the kitchen. They kind of freaked. I had to put buzz back in the master bedroom where he "sleeps" and now whenever they walk by the HALL that goes to the master, mainly Hannah actually, she informs me that Buzz is bye bye, gone, night night, sleeping, or off. I tried to hide him but then they were concerned where he went so now he is where he should be but Hannah wont go near him. Yes, its personified. Sad thing is we will be out somewhere and she will randomly say "Buzz gone". Ok Hannah, I get it.

"I fix it" - both my children are very OCD and little things really bother them. Whether it is something out of place, or they have a spot on their shirt, they will let me know with a BIG uh OH! So I guess I got in the habit of telling them I would fix whatever was wrong. "Its ok, Mommy will fix it". Now Leah says it for everything too which is good because she does attempt to correct the situation as best she can. Spill her cereal? "I fix it. Napkin?... (wipes it up)... All Better!" Thank you Leah. (rather, thankyou/welcome)

Gate Gate!- this goes with the OCD but both girls must close the gate at the top of the stairs inside or out. If it is open they get very upset. At least they dont try to go barreling down the steps...

"Auburn song?" - This is so pitiful but one day I was singing the Auburn fight song to Leah. I sang it once. Now she asks for the "auburn song" frequently. Her other requests are "tinkle tinkle" (twinkle twinkle obviously), "Jesus song" (Jesus loves me), "pat cake". "Ity bitsy pider", Baby song (this is normally "hush little baby" but has lately also been "hes got the whole world - because He has the Itty Bitty Babies in His hands), Rock Baby (rockabye baby), Elmos song (which is just Lalala la Elmos world), and ABC song. I am not allowed to sing a song that she does not approve of. If I try she will quickly tell me which one she prefers. Hannah wont let me sing AT ALL unless it is Itsy Bitsy Spider which is only when she is in the mood :)

This doesnt scratch the surface but this post is long enough :) At least I will remember these little things now!

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