Saturday, July 4, 2009

Canon in D

The other day I laid Leah down for her nap and accidentally hit the button on her crib aquarium that changed her music. Normally it is on Canon in D but it changed to Twinkle Twinkle. Leah urgently started telling me NO NO NO, and i realized she was mad the music changed. So I kept changing it until it was back to Canon and she laid down satisfied.

Tonight Matt put her to bed and accidentally hit the button again. She told him Uh Oh! and stood up, pressed the top button (one of 4 total buttons) and flipped through the 10 other songs quickly until she found Canon in D again. Then she laid back down.

I just thought this was crazy! I did not even know that she knew what button to push, and the fact that she recognized the first half second of each song to know it wasnt what she wanted impresses me. Apparently she has very particular taste in music!

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