Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bubbles!! (aka... snow!)

IMG_4085.JPGSunday morning we awoke to a gorgeous view outside. It has been a while since I have seen a nice white blanket of snow and something more than flurries coming from the sky. I opened the blinds in the kitchen to look at the good 4 inches that covered the deck and told Matt I am glad it does not snow here that much because when it actually does it is admired greatly. It really was pretty.

Of course we were excited to see the girls reaction to it. Matt made pancakes and white we all ate they looked out those kitchen windows with great curiosity. All they kept saying was "Bubble! Bubble!!" And I guess it really does look like a lot of bubbles when I thought about it.

We opened the back door to the deck to see what they would do, and they would not go near it, but really wanted to keep the door open. We decided it was time to go play so we bundled them up and headed out into the bubbles.

Hannah was just excited to go outside. Leah did not know what to think at first. Both girls walked the perimeter of the driveway without actually going into the snow covered grassy area. Leah really liked sticking out her tongue to catch the snowflakes. At one point I put her into the snow and that was obviously a bad idea. Hannah did eventually wander into it, I think to see her footprints .

We tried to get a picture of the girls together but Hannah was going a million miles an hour so we mainly just got Leah, who as I said liked standing in one spot trying to eat the snow.

We did not stay out too long but they had a good time. The snow was gone by the time they went down for their nap but we enjoyed it while it lasted, and at least we have some pictures of the girls first snow! (we had a little snow last year but I do not count it because they girls were way too little for us to go in it)