Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tingling feet and other stories

Tingling Feet (feet fell asleep)
Hannah- (crying) my feet are tingling!!!!
Leah- (calmly) my feet are tingling too, but I am not freaking out about it.

Taking orders
Hannah told me that I was the "order maker" (aka cashier?) she orders chicken and fries. I give her the invisible food and Leah yells "Hey! you forgot my diet coke in a medium cup!"

Playing Baby
The girls play mommy/baby a lot (A LOT!) swapping out who is the mommy and who is the baby. Somehow I got dragged into it one day and Hannah asked me to be the baby. I pretended to cry.
hannah: dont cry, honey. Mommy has to go to work!
Me: No! (Ive had some experience knowing what the proper reaction from my girls would be)
Hannah: I have to go to work. I am on call today. But if you dont cry Ill bring you a special treat!"

Think I have said this before?


McKt said...

"But, I'm not freaking out about it." That is fantastic. I cannot wait to get my arms around miss calm cool and hilarious and miss it really is a freaky experience.

Andi said...

I love every part of this post. Bahahaha