Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween 2010

I found these cute little sleeping beauty dresses on sale at cracker barrel, and the girls were so excited to wear them for Halloween. Especially Hannah, because leah has her sleeping beauty nightgown she wears 24/7 that shebfindsbgo be the most beautiful thing In the world...

So on Halloween (eve actually) Leah got all dressed up, crown, wand, makeup, and ponytail (ponytails are for princesses of course). We were going trick or treating with the cousins and some friends so Leah ran downstairs to await the candy asking adventure.

Hannah was still taking a cat nap in the living room and I had to wake her up. And she woke up on the wrong side of the couch. As I went to get her dressed, the conversation went like this.

Me: ok lets get your pretty dress on so we can go trick or treating! Everyone is here!
H: no I'm cold!!! ( she has taken off her pjs and not happy about it)
Me: well hurry! Put this on
H: no it's scratchy.
Me: ok we can put a shirt under it.
H: no I don't want that. I can't wear the dress. It's too long
Me: no it's not. Now come on, we have to Urey or everyone will leave us!
H: it's too long. If I wear that I'll step on it. You'll have to carry me all the time
Me: (exasperated). Fine then what do you want to do?
H: I wanna be a fairy!

So I rummaged through their dress up clothes and found a shirt and some pants that matched and then she was happy. But I couldn't do her hair.

Now we got some cute pictures of all the kids ready to go trick or treating. Unfortunately when i asked Matt to make sure the camera was ready he checked the batteries, but didn't make sure the memory card was in there.

The kids had a great time trick or treating and all of them were adorable.

These pictures are actually from the next night on our way to the church's wild night. Matt tried to make it up to me...

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